Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Food for Energy? Food for Miles? Food for days? Mmmmm....

I'm not one you would see and think of "runner". I don't have the long and lean body type whatsoever. I catch myself thinking "how do I get that way...what do I do? Is it really just genetics?" I think about it sometimes....

However, something I CONSTANTLY think about is food....do I need to be eating differently because I run throughout the week? Should I be eating more carbs in general? I also attend Body Pump twice a week....should I be eating higher proteins for the lifting? While I don't want to go overboard with carbs to maintain weight (even lose some...), I want to make sure I am eating enough. I know enough to think "If I'm going to be running 15 miles tomorrow morning, I don't need to eat like a bird...or I shouldn't.

Here are some sites/recipes that I have found to help plan meals for the week/long runs.

Enjoy, my friends!

Recipes for Runners from Masters in Health care

The Best Foods for Runners from Runner's World
This one doesn't have as much meal planning as it has ideas of what to add to your cart.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

My Week Off...

....was hell.

I haven't put on my running shoes in a little over one week. I feel fat. I feel slow....I'm ready to get back out there...

15 this weekend and I'd like to be able to  get that taken care of.

Sunday Night....24 hours after the fall...

Monday afternoon....

Since I was off of the foot running, I thought it would be best to give my entire body a break for most of the week and stay away from Body Pump/Lifiting as well. I did get two days of about an hour of kayak-ing in this weekend, though. It was a great upper-body work out and it was something fun to do around the lake.

Monday, July 29, 2013


My 12 mile run last weekend was hilly. Very hard and hilly..

9 miles this weekend didn't happen...I'm not on crutches from a fall. I didn't make it very far on my run.

Rabbit holes, watch out for those!

I'm heading to the Dr. right now and will keep updates coming in :(

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

awww skirt, skirt skirt, skirt, skirt!

So, a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was having a problem with my legs...in the summer....they touch! The humidity really, REALLY causes a problem for long, sweaty runs. Mixing the seams from your shorts or just legs rubbing can be SO painful.

My first idea was to use Body Glide. My mother uses it for her arms and other people use glide for their legs. It's mostly to prevent chaffing. Well, it doesn't always work for me...or I don't like the extra stuff on my legs..I'm not sure.

SO! I think I have found something new that I adore!!! Lululemon makes a running SKIRT with shorts inside.  I know, running skirt. It doesn't sound like something that many serious runners would wear. To be honest, I have seen some of the ladies in my Body Pump class wearing them and I think they look super cute on! These skirts come with shorts underneath that have a line of gripping material to keep the shorts down WITHOUT being too tight around the thighs. I love it. I love it. I bought another one!

I know lululemon can be pricey for many, but I keep my eyes on the sale rack and was able to buy another skirt for $39.
This skirt, the Breeze By Skirt, is currently still on the We Made Too Much section of the website.
If you find one you like, I would recommend snagging it...its usually $68! Also, keep in mind you need to go a size up their in materials...sometimes two.

Also, if they don't have your size, or you want to try it on, in the stores right now they have the same idea...but with ruffles.

I'm telling you...each time I run outside in the KC heat/humidity...I am wearing the Breeze By! I've got 6 tonight at 12 on Saturday...

Happy Running!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

11 all alone...

I don't have any pictures to share, sadly. I know that's what keeps things interesting for you readers (if you're really out there....comment to make me feel better/validated).

But if you are reading this because you care about running...I did 11 last night on a treadmill...by myself.

I haven't done a long run alone in over a year.

Technically, I was not alone...to begin I had Diana Sawyer on ABC Evening News....then Chris Matthews on Hardball...and then to finish up I had the Duck Dynasty gang. I know, complete opposites.

Yesterday was supposed to be 6 miles at PACE and 11 on Saturday. My new pace is 8:34...but since my family is coming this weekend, and my husband is doing a tri I figured I would do my long run on Wednesday AT PACE to combine everything together.

That's right, runners. I ran 11.03 miles at 95 min FLAT.

I was proud of myself and killed it alone.

What are you doing today?


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Shoes Blues

Remember a month or so back when I posted about the things I enjoy running with? I actually received my first comment on that post, so thanks for that, Max...

Really, though, I posted about the LunarFly running shoes that I had been using. I was in the process of breaking them in. They are an average style of Nike Running shoe with average support and something that I would be able to work with...most would. However, my downfall was not truly researching the difference between a trail running shoe vs a normal/training/pavement pounding shoe. I've come to realize there is a difference. I wanted to find out a little bit more, even though I had already purchased the shoes.
 I decided to look into some sites, here is livestrong's take on trail vs running. I didn't really find the answer I was looking for, so then I went to see Trails.com point of view. This one was a bit more helpful and I did find all of these features in the shoe. They were DEFINITELY heavier than I was used to! Also, my feet COULD NOT BREATHE during my road runs! Lastly, the backs do come up higher to protect the ankle from anything that could be on the trail...and they don't work well with below the ankle running socks. They just work against your ankle and create blisters. Oh yeah, those weren't pretty.

So, I caved. I got out my wallet....and I stitched back to pavement shoes...and brands altogether. I made the move to the Saucony family. The Saucony Cohesion 6 to be exact. So far, so good. I'm breaking them in right now, but they are light, breathable and a reputable brand for runners.

In the end, it isn't that the Nike Lunlarfly shoe wasn't a good shoe...it was a GREAT trail running shoe by the books, but it wasn't for me.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The first big downfall...

I have been gone from blogspot for the past few days after taking a long vacation to the lake with my husband's side of the family. I had full-intention of sticking to the marathon training plan and running my 3 and my 6 while I was there.

L-R Brother-in-Law, Adam; BIL Girlfriend, Julianne; Mother-in-Law, Nancy; Father-in-Law, Jim; Me; Husband, Max
AND Lola Dog in the front :)
When I woke up on Thursday morning, we ran three. It wasn't too hot and it was just a little three mile run so it really wasn't bad at all. The elevation was pretty normal for the lake runs and left us energy to immediately hit the water. My husband is working to complete his first triathlon. A shorter course, but a challenge for a first timer nonetheless. While he swam 1000 meters, I followed in a kayak..just to be safe.

Max is front right of the little boat!
  Friday turned out to be a day of cruising the lake and going around to different bars and restaurants on the water. That was my downfall, I really think. Things like these drinks below really messed up my running. Damn. These are the times I get pretty disappointed in myself. I know life happens...but it could have been avoided...easily. But...they were good...
Damn Drink at Beavers on the Lake

A Bob Marley at The Jerk Shack

Since our six miles were not completed Saturday, we figured we would try and make the best of it. We coved out with some of our friends and had a great time. I was sad to see it all end....but I know I need to get back into my way of training and really dedicate myself. Originally I didn't really want to do a fall marathon because I enjoy giving my summers to friends, family, and the lake. I don't want to stress about whether or not my training is done....that is hard for me, mentally.

R-L Max, Tyler, Shannon, Sam, and Ashleean in Indian Creek at Lake of the Ozarks
This week is my husbands "wind-down" for his triathlon. It is this Sunday. My mother and brother are coming to watch him with me. It should be really fun!

I have 11 miles this weekend..but with company coming, I don't like to take that much time away from them while they are visiting. I think instead I will try to knock out the 11 on Wednesday night at the YMCA or something. It will be a tough week with:
-3 Yesterday
-Body Pump tonight
- 11 Wednesday night
-4 Thursday Morning Plus Body Pump
-Rest Friday
-Body Pump Saturday..

Then I want no more excuses or exceptions...I want this training to come from the same place of dedication that it came from last time...We just have to think about the heat...